Couldn’t find what you were looking for? The Featuretools community is happy to provide support to users of Featuretools.


Conversation happens in the following places:

  1. Usage questions are directed to StackOverflow with the #featuretools tag.
  2. Bug reports and feature requests are managed on the GitHub issue tracker.
  3. Chat occurs on at Gitter. Please do not post questions and bug reports on gitter. Instead people should use Stack Overflow or GitHub.
  4. Everything else, core developers can be reached at

Asking for help

All users levels, including beginners, should feel free to ask questions and report bugs when using featuretools. You can get better answers if follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Use the right resource: We suggest using Github or StackOverflow. Questions asked at these locations will be more searchable for other users.
    • Gitter should only be used for developer and community discussion.
    • General questions on how something should work or tips, use StackOverflow.
    • Bugs should be reported on Github.
  2. Ask in one place only: Please post your question in one place (StackOverflow or Github).
  3. Use examples: Make minimal, complete, verifiable examples. You will get much better answers if your provide code that people can use to reproduce your problem.
  4. Sharing data privately: If you have data that you can’t share publicly, feel free to send an email to