Pip and Conda

Featuretools is available for Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6. The recommended way to install Featuretools is using pip or conda:

python -m pip install featuretools

or from the Conda-forge channel on

conda install -c conda-forge featuretools

Install from Source

To install featuretools from source, clone the repository from github:

git clone
cd featuretools
python install

or use pip locally if you want to install all dependencies as well:

pip install .

You can view the list of all dependencies within the extras_require field of



We recommend developing in a virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv featuretools

Install development requirements


make installdeps


Run featuretools tests:

make test

Build Documentation

Build the docs with the commands below:

cd docs/

# small changes
make html

# rebuild from scatch
make clean html


The Featuretools library must be import-able to build the docs.