The upcoming release of Featuretools 1.0.0 contains several breaking changes. Users are encouraged to test this version prior to release:

pip install featuretools==1.0.0rc1

For details on migrating to the new version, refer to Transitioning to Featuretools Version 1.0. Please report any issues in the Featuretools GitHub repo or by messaging in Alteryx Open Source Slack.


EntitySet.to_csv(path, sep=',', encoding='utf-8', engine='python', compression=None, profile_name=None)[source]

Write entityset to disk in the csv format, location specified by path. Path could be a local path or a S3 path. If writing to S3 a tar archive of files will be written.

  • path (str) – Location on disk to write to (will be created as a directory)

  • sep (str) – String of length 1. Field delimiter for the output file.

  • encoding (str) – A string representing the encoding to use in the output file, defaults to ‘utf-8’.

  • engine (str) – Name of the engine to use. Possible values are: {‘c’, ‘python’}.

  • compression (str) – Name of the compression to use. Possible values are: {‘gzip’, ‘bz2’, ‘zip’, ‘xz’, None}.

  • profile_name (str) – Name of AWS profile to use, False to use an anonymous profile, or None.